La Placette vous convie au vernissage de sa 211e exposition

“Colloidal Suspension”
par Mathieu Dafflon & Leevi Toija
le vendredi 19 janvier dès 18h00

Colloidal Suspension aims to propel our two practices against each other, with lighting dictating the rhythm and reading of the exhibition. At the heart of this exhibition we find W.J.T. Mitchell’s research on images, in particular his observation on our “(disavowed) desire to substitute a dead image for the living being”. The installation will use our respective works as components of a narrative created by this desire, with the images showing everything but what they are, offering up their own absence. We want this invisible but essential relationship to occupy the different spaces of La Placette.

Texte Selma Meuli
Poster Eugène Kaïmanovitch

La Placette reçoit le soutien de la Ville de Lausanne, de la Fondation Sandoz et du Canton de Vaud.
Cette exposition bénéficie en outre du soutien de Pro Helvetia et de Leenaards.